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Bridgestone has created the B-Kanpus project, a pioneer in the field of industrial training in the Basque Country. An initiative with which we intend to prepare unemployed people to work in the manufacturing sector, as well as to promote the industrial spirit among this group, bringing them their first experience in this world, or updating their knowledge and establishing a well-qualified base of professionals in the Basque industry.

B-Kanpus combines classroom-based training with real e-learning on each of the machines, virtual reality technology to learn about all stages of the manufacturing process, simulation modules using life-size models of the machines to practice the different operations by activating muscle memory, completed with real training applied on each of them. In total, 20% theoretical training and 80% practical training..

Presentation of BKanpus

BKanpus Methodology


1st Edition

Course on tyre manufacturing in industrial production

Speciality accredited by Lanbide (Basque Employment Service) Basauri (Bizkaia)


Call ONLY for WOMEN.
Closed deadline

Price: free of charge

Type of course: Face-to-face

Places: 30

Duration: 490h.

Timetable: Monday to Friday from 7:30h. to 14:00h. and from 14:30h. to 21:30h.

Requirements: To be of legal age, have completed secondary education and be registered with Lanbide.

Includes: Take Away meal service and help with transport.

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